RF + Cavitation


Ultrasonic cavitation machines accelerate the elimination of fat reduction. They use sound and heat waves to help reduce your body’s fat and cellulite. These waves generate vapor bubbles in the body’s tissues which then absorb the fat and naturally remove it from the body. The sound waves used in ultrasonic cavitation are low-frequency waves that penetrate fat cells and break them apart so that you can lose weight surprisingly easily. It is these sound waves that make it possible to flush unwanted fat from your body. As a result, this procedure has become an increasingly popular weight-loss option.

Ultrasonic cavitation is also different from liposuction, which is another popular weight loss procedure for those who have found it difficult to shed pounds, and for those who wish to get slimmer more quickly and easily. Liposuction is considered a surgical procedure that basically breaks up fat in an area of the body in order to suck it out of the body using special instruments. Therefore, liposuction is an invasive, surgical procedure. Contrast that with ultrasonic cavitation, which is non-invasive and not considered a type of surgery.