Vibe Plate


DUAL MOTORS – Two motors allow independent or combined use of oscillating motion (seesaw / side to side) and spiral motions (up and down). The motors work in tandem to multiply the effects of the Vibe Plate workout and provide a powerful 3D fitness experience.

  • BEST IN CLASS POWER: Both motors in this vibration plate machine are upgraded high-torque models for an extremely effective workout for all fitness levels. Power is fully adjustable and controlled with 99 speed settings, pre-programmed workouts, and 3 vibration modes; oscillation, vibration, and vertical
  • FAST COMPLETE WORKOUT: Whether the goal is to stimulate weakened muscles, improve circulation, or to improve overall health and muscle tone, this vibration machine uses proven technology shown to easily stimulate muscle cells throughout the whole body. Hence, it is is ideal for a customizable low-impact workout